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A provocative, coming-of-age saga of female empowerment during the historic 1890's Cripple Creek, Colorado gold rush
--The first of two historical fiction novels!
Threaded into the emerging hot jazz music scene and the tightening Jim Crow era in 1913 New Orleans, the saga continues of a young woman’s unwavering devotion to the child she was forced to abandon.
Chicago, IL - December 1923:  Terrified, racing from an irate shopkeeper who has accused her of stealing, four-year-old Tayvie Jackson falls asleep while hiding in a car. Hours later, Tayvie, who understands almost no English, awakens many miles from a home she barely knew. Later, Tayvie and her adopted mother escape deceitful relatives, hoping to build on Tayvie’s fledging career as a jazz singer, ultimately leading her to pre-war Paris where unforeseen circumstances force her into a demoralizing relationship with one of Hitler’s most despised ministers, Dr. Joseph Goebbels.  
Kathy Reichs meets Sherlock Holmes in this gothic Midwest thriller set in southern Indiana in 1978 that seeks to unravel a deadly tangled web of lies surrounding three former high school friends, one of whom has been missing for over a decade ... but which one? And why?
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